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Choosing the right class for you today is more of an art than a science, but here are some basic guidelines to class styles to help you choose the best classes to start with. Keep in mind that your own preferences may vary wildly from others in the program and there is no wrong choice to make as long as your classes make you feel calm and grounded.

Hatha classes are typically fairly slow and beginner-friendly. In a Hatha class, the teacher will focus on the anatomy and alignment of every pose; this class can feel challenging and strengthening because you are holding poses for longer periods of time.
Vinyasa or “Flow” classes tend to move faster than Hatha classes. The basis of a flow class is the “sun salutation,” a series of moves that repeats throughout the class and links poses together. Vinyasa classes tend to get the heart rate up and can help you work up a sweat.
An Ashtanga class moves fairly quickly but will always be the same poses in the same order; for that reason, Ashtanga can be a great class to attend regularly to get used to the most common poses. An Ashtanga class starts with the fast-moving “sun salutations,” and then moves through a series of standing and seated poses.
Many studios have classes where core-strengthening exercises are fused with more traditional yoga poses to create a physically demanding practice. Expect this class to get your heart rate up and challenge your muscles.
Yin classes typically focus on deep stretches of muscles and connective tissue. While a Yin class can be beneficial for your overall flexibility, the stretches can be intensely uncomfortable as well. Yin is wonderful for improving focus and concentrating on your breath.
Restorative classes are meant to be relaxing for your body and mind. Usually, your body will be gently supported by props like bolsters (dense, heavy pillows), blankets, and blocks in different poses that allow you to rest and restore your energy. Restorative is an essential practice for slowing down both the body and the mind; those who feel like they always want to move and “do” things will find restorative yoga challenging.
This class is about the subtler side of the yoga practice. Your body will relax as you connect to your breath, while exploring different breathing techniques as well as meditation and restorative postures to ease the busy mind. Each class will delve into a life affirming theme to deepen your knowledge and practice of yogic, Buddhist and modern philosophy.
Classic Yoga is accessible to all levels. New yogis can keep up easily as we take more time learning about each of the postures in more detail. It is also great for the experienced yogi who is looking for a beautiful and grounding class that moves just slowly enough that you can focus on soundly engaging deep strength while developing your moving meditation.

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