Upcoming Projects

“Blu Matter Mentorship Project will address ‘solvable problems’ for sufferers in a unique and practical way.”



We know that people who are living with Depression and/or Bipolar Disorder are dealing with stressors that we all come across – finances, employment and apartment hunting, among other things.  Unfortunately, for people living with a mental illness these stressors can take on an overwhelming size when coupled with a chemical brain imbalance.  In the winter of 2014, we will launch Blu Matter Project: Phase 2, to help those with a lived experience of a mental illness find support as they address some of these stressors.

Blu Matter Mentorship Project will act as a liaison between people with lived experience and members of the community to provide direct support and mentorship to alleviate some challenges from their daily lives.

Blu Matter Mentorship Project will provide tangible solutions so that we can collectively focus on addressing and treating the triggers of Depression and/or Bipolar Disorder.  We will connect recipients with qualified community members and businesses who are part of our Blu Mentorship Team.  This team, will mentor our recipients by helping them to compartmentalize and resolve some of these ‘solvable’ daily problems that can add to anxiety and increased levels of stress. Stay tuned for more details!