Our Team

  • Linda Malone

  • Director

Whether you are a life-long friend, a student in one of her inspirational yoga classes or meeting her for the first time at her lively studio, IAM yoga, Linda will always take a moment out of her hectic schedule to sit, listen and have a engaging conversation with you. It is this passion for intimately with others through laugher, love and life experience that she chooses to live her life.

When Linda’s brother committed suicide August 2012 after losing his long and silent battle with Bipolar Depression her life was forever changed. However, instead of remaining in a state of stasis; she made the choice to act.  Working as the director of this project, she shares her story with us so that we can all be empowered through Michael’s memory. From this grounded, honest place we can assist those around us living with a mental illness.

This fitness guru, yoga teacher, owner of IAM yoga, Lululemon ambassador and leading female entrepreneur brings her knowledge, life experiences and most of all love to facilitate direct change for future generations.

  • Karen Zorzi

  • Executive Director

Karen brings to Blu Matter project a passion for health and fitness of the mind and body combined with the belief that the one promotes the other. After 15 years working in the private sector Karen was thrilled with the opportunity to blend her divers skill set with her passion for seeing others find peace through the practice of yoga and mindfulness.